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 Trojan City Studio Services

Music Production - Recording, Mixing, Mastering 


Voice Over Production - Commercial Voiceovers / Film 


Mobile Recording Service - We can record your live event, or record a project at your location, while mixing and finalizing through the legendary Neve 8424 console.


Digital Distribution - We can help you release your songs on major digital streaming services


Studio Rental - Outside producers are welcome to record, mix, or master your project at Trojan City Studios.  

Audio Production Internship/ Education Opportunities  

The Trojan City Studio Technical Specifications

The following gear is available to our clients on site for use during your session:


Neve 8424 Analog Recording Console 



Antelope Audio Orion 32+  



Waves Audio Suite 

Slate Audio Suite 

Antelope Audio Suite 

Mic Preamps 

2 Channel Neve 1073 built into the 8424 console 

8 Channel Neve 1073 OPX 

4 Channel API 3124 

2 Channel Rupert Neve Designs 5211 

1 Channel Universal Audio Twin Finity (Tube/Transistor)

8 Channel Focusrite Clarett  

Outboard Compressors 

Warm Audio Bus Comp 2- 2 channel VCA compressor 

Klark Teknik KT-76 FET mono compressor 

Presonus ACP 88 8 channel Variable comp/gate 

Yamaha GC2020 2 channel compressor 

HRK 500 series 523V Valve Opto Compressor (matched pair) 

Outboard EQ 

Neve 8803 2 channel Stereo EQ 

Klark Teknik EQT Mono Tube EQ 


Yamaha NS-10M Studio 

Yamaha NS10MM (mini) 

Yamaha HS5 

Yamaha HS8 

KRK Rokit 6 

KRK Rokit 10 Sub 


Rupert Neve Designs DI 

2 Channel AMS Neve DI on the console 

Hughes & Kettner Red Box Cab emulator 


2 - Neumann TLM 102 

2- Royer - R10 

1- Warm Audio WA47 

1 - Shure SM7B 

1- Rode NT1A 

1- Blue - Bluebird 

2-Audio Technica AT3035 (matched pair) 

2- Oktava MK-012 (matched pair)

2- AKG P170 (matched pair) 

3 - SM 57 

2- SM58 

2 - Audix I5 

1- Blue Encore 100I 

3- Sennheiser 421 

2-Shure Beta 52 

1- Shure Beta 57 

1- AKG D112 

2-Audix F2 

1-Audix F3 

2-Audix F11 

1 MXL 990 

1 MXL 991 


American Fender Stratocaster HSS 

American Fender Telecaster HS 

Gibson Les Paul Studio 

Gibson SG 

Guild Acoustic 

Guild 12 string Acoustic

Guild Starfire III 

Guild T-Bird 

Harmony Buck Owens acoustic 

Gretsch G5222

Taylor C110E 

Guild GAD 50 

Ibanez SR4 Bass 


Fender 68 Princeton Reverb 

Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 

Orange Microterror 15 

Marshall SV20 

Ibanez TSA30 

1962 Gibson Skylark 

Sundown Rover 15 

Crate GSX15 

Ampeg Micro SVT 

Traynor Group B2 

Speaker Cabinets 

Marshall 1960A  Celestion G12 Gold

Marshall 1960A  Celestion Greenback  

Marshall ORI212 

Orange - PPC108 

VOX 112 - Celestion Greenback 

Peavey  1x12

Aguilar GS410 Bass cabinet 

Guitar Effects

Boss Space Echo

Boss Blues Driver

MXR Carbon Copy (2)

MXR Phase 90 

MXR Analog Chorus 

MXR Super Badass Distortion 

VOX Wah 

Noise Kick FX Diabeetus fuzz/trem 

Joyo Analog Chorus

Joyo American 

Electro Harmonix C9 


Gretsch Catalina Club 4pc kit 

Gretsch Energy 5 pc kit 


Piano /Keyboards/Synth 

Roland Juno Keyboard 

Yamaha Portable Grand Piano (Keyboard)

Baldwin Upright Piano 

Arturia Micro Brute Synthesizer

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