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A new single from a very talented new country artist, Matt Hammaker.

"Sideline" is Matt's first single, produced by Seth Canan at Trojan City Studios. Seth also helped with instrumentation, and backup vocals. 

Take a listen to the new single from Pilot Strike, "I Need It."  We loved the classic rock essence of this track. Produced at Trojan City Studios. 

Check out the newest single from

Falling Through Time, "Wasting Time"

Produced by Trojan City Studios. We had a lot of fun during the FTT sessions, and this track is a favorite! 

Analog: A Tribute to the 60's and 70's -

8 classic songs reimagined by local artists. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Trojan City Studios. 

"Weasel" - The new single from Falling Through Time

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Trojan City Studios.

'Thrice' - The hot new album from Rusted Reserve

Produced and Recorded by Trojan City Studios, mixed and mastered by Micah Carli at Popside Recording. 

'Together' the new EP from husband and wife duo, Fox and Honey. This EP is sure to give you the feels! Trojan City Studios had the pleasure of recording vocals for the new release. 

"Paradise" - The feel good single from Matthew Bruce that will bring you back to your childhood years. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Trojan City Studios. 

Our Sacred Vanity was the first client at Trojan City Studios. We recorded their magical song "No Religion" live at Trojan City Studios, while Gary Pelini directed the video. 

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